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What About Truth?

Posted By on September 12, 2015 in Thoughts on Life | 1 comment


There is a time when all things “normal” come to a halt. There is a moment we may call “intuition” or “self-preservation” when going through troublesome times.

When things are bleak, always remember that they are momentary. As the old saying goes: no storm lasts forever. We fall, get up, brush the dust off our shorts and move one. One scrape after another, is just one more tiny scar of proof that whatever has tried to vanquish the road to your dreams, has simply not succeeded.

I am not perfect. I love to say that because it gives me peace of mind. No one really can be. Then again, perfection, as the ability to judge beauty, is purely subjective. I keep saying this over and over, because it rings true to me. There is no standardised way of measurement. Even the so called “standardised test” has been created by a human being. Thus judgement has been implanted right away. The moment it exists in our realm, it ceases to be anything other than subjective because it is human.

When you seek the truth, it is only perception.

Truth can be absolute, or not exist at all.

When you tell someone “I am an honest person,” what do you you really mean? Do you mean that what you say can be proven in a physical sense, or that it is a factual state of mind?

Anything can be true. Then again, anything can be false.

I believe in the truth of my own heart, and my experiences. They are part of a collective past which is purely subjective. No matter how hard I try to narrate an event, it will never be exact to others because they haven’t experienced it from my perspective, only their own.

Let’s say, for example I get stuck in an elevator. I may be in there with another five people, during the same time and occupy the same space. But the experience each person has in that elevator will be entirely different from mine.

Which brings me to the conclusion of absolute truths.

We are not a mass produced universe. We are a unique form, of many archetypes and states within those archetypes. We live in an abstract, unknown world. And all I can accept is what I know within that world, and what I’ve so far experienced within my reality.

Thus, what I have, is my reality integrated with my connection to others. And in any given situation, I will have a unique experience that will be accepted and cheished with utmost integrity and respect.

And in times of sadness and tears, the most honest place I will find truth, will be in my very own heart.













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  1. Amber December 26, 2016

    At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prmloeb!

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