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I’ve always been intrigued by the power of words.

Before I started writing my first manuscript, I asked a friend how one begins writing a novel.

I had so much to say, yet no idea where to begin. His advice was simple:

“Write without purpose, for the sake of writing.”

That friend is now my husband.

Our path to joy and fulfillment was not an easy one. Yet, what good things in life come easy?

We are now a loving family of five.

I have learned that over the years, the key to success is passion, perspective and above all, love. Loving who you are, loving what you do, and making the most of what you have.

As the daughter of a diplomat, moving from one country to another was part of my lifestyle. Adjusting to new schools, making new friends, and adapting to new cultures was what I had to do in order to fit in. Being an international kid was not easy; yet I made the most of it, using every experience as a way to grow and feed my imagination.

I was the young girl who avidly wrote in journals, one tear-stained page after another. My pen was my guide, my emotions my teacher. I used every bit to my advantage, wondering what it would all amount to and where it would go.

Turns out, it did go somewhere. My heart set on re-living relationships that didn’t work, parents divorcing, loss, car accidents, abuse, addiction, suicide and tough decisions that took tremendous will power, my two novels, August Moon and Parachute Love were born.

Last but not least, I double-majored in art history and psychology, earned a BA in both, and become a devoted wife and mother.

Although I’m a natural born writer, that’s not where my creativity ends. I paint watercolor portraits and calming landscapes that remind me of the Greek islands I so dearly love. I’m also a marathon runner, landscape photographer, and illustrator.

I now live in Chandler, AZ with my three boys and husband, who above all believed in me and encouraged me to tell my story.

Do take a look at my artisitc side at: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/christina-arsenis.html

With love,