Dear reader,


I’m not sure I can┬ácall myself an author yet, as my novel-in-progress, Between then and Now, has yet to be completed and published. But I can assure you that when it will be, the result will be a pleasant one.

During my 20’s I fell in love with a young man who I first thought was spoilt and arrogant. Little did I know, that I’d end up in a five-year relationship with him and that those five years would redefine my life forever. He had been handsome and charming. But he had also been a bona fide drug addict and as insecure as a little boy hiding behind a confident man’s facade. By the time his flaws caught up with me, it had been too late to cut the cord and move one. By then, I’d been head over heels, and irrevocably in love with him.

Between Then and Now is a novel about that relationship, and how it ended in a tragic way, on a cold January night when I least expected it to. When I decided to write about that part of my life, I thought it would be cathartic, and a nice way to bring the past forward so that I can finally face it head-on. But it wasn’t easy.

A good book is one that makes the reader feel something. And may I say, the writer as well. As a formidable piece of art attracts your attention and makes you fall in love with it, so does a good book. A good book will make you fall in love with the emotions it brings out when you’re reading it. It may make you cry, or laugh, or cry and laugh at the same time. And when it’s over, you will want to treasure the book and keep it safe on your bookshelf, so that you can read it again and again, and remind yourself of how you felt when you first read it.

We have all lived through something that has affected our lives one way or another. And we all deal with events in a different way.

The way you may see a certain situation will be very different from the way I see it. So even if you were to write the same story as I have, and somehow go through the exact same experiences as me, your words and actions will be different. Thus, the way you tell your story will be entirely different from the way I will tell mine.

Art and writing have a lot in common. A very obvious similarity is the ability to show your perspective on the same subject matter, in your own personal way. A portrait of my son painted by me will look very different from a portrait of my son painted by the watercolor artist Ted Nuttall, for example. No subject that is seen with the same pair of eyes will ever be identical.

I believe, that everyone has a story to tell. And I will be more than happy to share mine with you.

I have already shared my art, and I will share my memoir. So bear with me, and check up on my page from time to time, because one day, my story will be yours to read.

Every decision we make takes us to a different destination. And every destination leads us to make a different decision. Much as it sounds crazy and paradoxical, our lives are intertwined in such a way, that even the tiniest movement on our part will without a doubt greatly affect someone else’s, whether he’s a stranger or the closest person to our hearts.

I do hope you will enjoy Between Then and Now.┬áLet’s stay in touch.

With love,